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You know your dealership from the inside out. We help you by looking from the outside in.

What makes us different

  We bring proven real world experience operating successful Harley-Davidson Dealerships. Our fresh ideas and processes help unlock the formula, and attract new customers in a competitive market.    

About Us

What we do, and how we can help.

  1. Company Culture: Departmental interaction, communication, and frontline employee and customer engagement. 
  2. Marketing: Social, digital, email, and mobile. 
  3. Dealership Event Marketing: execution, planning, budgeting, and outreach. 
  4. Sales and Sales Path Process: all departments. 
  5. New and Pre-owned Inventory Management: New and pre-owned aged unit control. 
  6. Departmental Profitability Process: New and pre-owned, service, GM, parts & accessories. 
  7. Key Employee Recruitment and Retention.    

Get Started with a no-cost evaluation.

  It all begins with a conversation. Call me, or drop me an email and let’s talk about what you need help with. I will let you know, upfront, if I can help with the challenges you face. Remember, I have been there! You don’t have time to educate a consultant who doesn’t have any experience running a dealership.   The next step is a no-cost offsite confidential evaluation, based on the requested information you supply. In addition to your input, most if not all of the information can be accessed through h-dnet, and Performance Group composites.   After taking a look at the numbers and your concerns, I will present a proposal to do an onsite visit that will result in an action plan that fits your dealerships needs. If the numbers make sense, we can get started increasing your dealership performance and profitability.  

About Dave Thomas

     David Thomas is a 37-year veteran of the retail automobile and motorcycle business. He has been  a dealer for some of the most iconic brands in the marketplace, including Harley-Davidson, Toyota, Honda, Subaru, Mazda, GM, Dodge, Jeep, and Chrysler. For the past ten years, he has owned and operated one of the most successful and profitable Harley-Davidson dealerships in the country.  David was one of the first auto dealers in the country to adopt the Internet as an outreach tool to attract customers who did not want to buy a car through the traditional auto buying process. In 2010, he adopted digital social media, and experiential marketing as the primary way to promote his Harley-Davidson dealership, raising it to the top 3% of Harley-Davidson dealerships in the  country for net sales. In addition, major manufacturers such as Toyota, Harley-Davidson Motor Company, Harley-Davidson Financial Services, and Honda, have recognized him for excellence in retail operations. He has real world experience in dealer operations, marketing, customer   experience processes, frontline employee engagement, and business practices  that maximize profitability.       

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